52:1 George Adamson

Well, I am a day (or 2!) later than I meant to be with this post. But nevertheless, my first “52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks” post. George Adamson. George is my great-great-grandfather and one of my “immigrant ancestors.” He immigrated in 1851 from Yorkshire, England. He settled briefly in Ohio (where family lore reports he “ran” a pub) where he married my great-great-grandmother, Mary Hunter. As referenced in my first blog post, there is a circular relationship involving the Adamsons and Hunters. Mary is the niece of George’s brother-in-law. About 2 years after their marriage, they moved on to Indiana. Sadly, Mary died in May 1870 and George died less than a year later in January 1871, leaving 6 children.

The following contains information from a narrative report generated in my genealogy program, RootsMagic. Have a look. 

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Tangled roots aka family circle

Today a brief look at the paternal side of my family. I’m sure we all have instances of 2 families being intertwined. Well, in this one instance in my family, we have the mother-in-law of one sibling as the sister-in-law of the other sibling. I think we’ll use an illustration! In this case, we look … Read more