52:2 Mary Hunter

Mary Hunter was born on 31 Dec 1835 in Langdale End, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom.[1],[2] note: While her grave marker indicates Mary’s birth was 31 Dec 1836, it is likely that her actual birth date was 31 Dec 1835. The baptismal record from Wykeham Parish gives her baptismal date as 12 Jan 1836, therefore her birth would have been prior to that date, so it could not have been Dec of 1836.

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52:1 George Adamson

Well, I am a day (or 2!) later than I meant to be with this post. But nevertheless, my first “52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks” post. George Adamson. George is my great-great-grandfather and one of my “immigrant ancestors.” He immigrated in 1851 from Yorkshire, England. He settled briefly in Ohio (where family lore reports he “ran” a pub) where he married my great-great-grandmother, Mary Hunter. As referenced in my first blog post, there is a circular relationship involving the Adamsons and Hunters. Mary is the niece of George’s brother-in-law. About 2 years after their marriage, they moved on to Indiana. Sadly, Mary died in May 1870 and George died less than a year later in January 1871, leaving 6 children.

The following contains information from a narrative report generated in my genealogy program, RootsMagic. Have a look. 

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Tangled roots aka family circle

Today a brief look at the paternal side of my family. I’m sure we all have instances of 2 families being intertwined. Well, in this one instance in my family, we have the mother-in-law of one sibling as the sister-in-law of the other sibling. I think we’ll use an illustration! In this case, we look … Read more