From Indiana to Germany – Kahre

I’ve spent several hours today putting together a document that contains all my research on one of my 2xgreat-grandfathers. Carl Kahre.

He immigrated in 1854 with two daughters, arriving through New Orleans. He died in September 1872 in Knox County, Indiana. His civil records left no trace of where in Germany he was from or who his parents were. But, 2 church records, 1 for Carl and 1 for his daughter, pointed to the village of Schnathorst.

I currently have 9 pages walking through my research to my conclusion on his birth, his parents, and the name of his first wife.

And I’m not done! But I am mostly down to just adding or tweaking my citations.

Now I just have to decide if I want to try to turn it into an article for publication!

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