Forgotten Soldiers and Sailors

Once again I have not done “much” genealogy in the past week or so. I have watched several webinars, including about 6 during a webinar marathon (24 hours of webinars) from Legacy Family Tree Webinars. However, what I am currently working on is the submission of 2 distant relations to the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War Forgotten Soldier and Sailor Project.

The mission of this project is to recognize those soldiers and sailors who left no descendants. This could be due to their death on the field of battle or from wounds and disease or other. However, the main requirement is that they never had any progeny, therefore they have no direct descendants.

The first relation I am submitting is Henry McClish (1844-1864). He was the older brother of my second great-grandfather. He signed up for a 90 day service with Co. K, 133rd Ohio Infantry. He died very shortly after returning home. Family history indicates he died of typhoid fever.

The second relation I am submitting is Stewart McClish (1844-1926). Stewart was a cousin to my second great-grandfather (their fathers were brothers). Though he survived the war, he apparently never married and never had any children. In his later years, he was repeatedly admitted and discharged from several Veterans’ Homes. On his death, he was buried at the Los Angeles National Cemetery in Los Angeles, California. He served from 1862-1865, first in Co. G, 99th Ohio Infantry and then in Co. A, 50th Ohio Infantry.

DUVCW is accepting entries until December 31, 2021 for the Forgotten Soldier and Sailor project.

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