Tangled roots aka family circle

Today a brief look at the paternal side of my family. I’m sure we all have instances of 2 families being intertwined. Well, in this one instance in my family, we have the mother-in-law of one sibling as the sister-in-law of the other sibling. I think we’ll use an illustration!

In this case, we look at my great-great grandfather, George Adamson. He was born in 1826 around Wilton, Yorkshire. His parents were George Adamson and Elizabeth Dodgson (maiden) Lowther (1st marriage). George had a younger sister, Ann, born in November 1827.

In 1846, Ann Adamson married Thomas Wardell in the parish of Pickering. Then in 1851, Thomas, Ann, George, and Elizabeth (George and Ann’s mother) immigrated to the United States thru New York. The family travelled on to Ohio, where they settled around Pickaway County where an older brother of Thomas had previously settled.

In 1853, Elizabeth Wardell Hunter (with her husband and children) immigrated to the US. They also immediately continued on to Ohio where Elizabeth’s brothers were living. And, in 1855, Elizabeth’s daughter Mary Hunter married Elizabeth’s sister-in-law’s brother, George Adamson.

Within just a few years, George and Mary would decide to move on to Indiana and Mary’s parents, Elizabeth Wardell Hunter and John Hunter, followed. Thomas and Ann (Adamson) Wardell went further west, to Kansas. Sadly, George and Mary died young, in the early 1870’s, leaving several children. Thomas and Ann, who had no children of their own, took in several of the children and raised them after George and Mary’s deaths.

We will come back to this family again, but I just wanted to share the tangled relationship to start us off!

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