Slowed down a little

After spending a LOT of time in German records the last few weeks, I am taking it a little slower the past few days. I am still working on writing up all my Kahre research. I am still at 9 pages but added a 10th page that is a timeline and the 11th page is … Read more

From Indiana to Germany – Kahre

I’ve spent several hours today putting together a document that contains all my research on one of my 2xgreat-grandfathers. Carl Kahre. He immigrated in 1854 with two daughters, arriving through New Orleans. He died in September 1872 in Knox County, Indiana. His civil records left no trace of where in Germany he was from or … Read more

Tidbits of research

The last week or so I have not focused on any one particular area of research. Some scattered things that I have done include: downloaded my grandaunt’s raw dna from ancestry and uploaded it to myheritage started laying out a spreadsheet of dna matches in excel to help me understand some distant connections on my … Read more

Giving this another try…

The other day I did some work on my genealogy and thought about blogging again. However, my site was hopelessly out of date. I’ve spent the last 2 days upgrading wordpress, plugins, and themes, and attempting to make sure basic functions still work. I hadn’t logged in to my site host in ages either! In … Read more

Only 15% found

I recently read a post on a facebook genealogy group about calculating the percentage of your ancestors that you have found. Essentially, you have a possible total of 1022 ancestors beginning with your parents through your 7th great-grandparents. Of course, I then had to go through and identify how many I have found so far. … Read more

Indiana Records on Ancestry

Earlier this month Ancestry added some juicy records for Indiana Researchers. Birth, Marriage, and Death Certificate databases went online. These include: “Indiana, Death Certificates, 1899-2011”; “Indiana, Birth Certificates, 1907-1940”; and “Indiana, Marriage Certificates, 1958-2005.” This is a great feast for anyone researching in the Hoosier State! I’ve taken my first stab at creating an Evidence … Read more