So this hasn’t gone so well…

but I am going to try again!

To try to get into a habit of posting, I am going to start off very simply. For now, I am going to just post a log of anything I do that is genealogy related.

For example, today I watched 3 webinars at They have a huge library of webinars on so many topics. I’ve had a subscription for several years now and have enjoyed many of the webinars. Today I watched:

I plan to watch, or re-watch!, a few more webinars this week. I usually don’t manage to watch the webinars live but recordings generally get uploaded in less than a day. This Friday there will be 6 new webinars! It is their 2022 Reisinger Lecture Series. (The Joy Reisinger Memorial Lecture Series, held in person at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City and broadcast by the Legacy Family Tree Webinars site.)

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