Slowed down a little

After spending a LOT of time in German records the last few weeks, I am taking it a little slower the past few days. I am still working on writing up all my Kahre research. I am still at 9 pages but added a 10th page that is a timeline and the 11th page is … Read more

From Indiana to Germany – Kahre

I’ve spent several hours today putting together a document that contains all my research on one of my 2xgreat-grandfathers. Carl Kahre. He immigrated in 1854 with two daughters, arriving through New Orleans. He died in September 1872 in Knox County, Indiana. His civil records left no trace of where in Germany he was from or … Read more

Only 15% found

I recently read a post on a facebook genealogy group about calculating the percentage of your ancestors that you have found. Essentially, you have a possible total of 1022 ancestors beginning with your parents through your 7th great-grandparents. Of course, I then had to go through and identify how many I have found so far. … Read more

Indiana Records on Ancestry

Earlier this month Ancestry added some juicy records for Indiana Researchers. Birth, Marriage, and Death Certificate databases went online. These include: “Indiana, Death Certificates, 1899-2011”; “Indiana, Birth Certificates, 1907-1940”; and “Indiana, Marriage Certificates, 1958-2005.” This is a great feast for anyone researching in the Hoosier State! I’ve taken my first stab at creating an Evidence … Read more

Time flies

Well, so much for posting once a week. I’m about 3 weeks late. No particular cause. Just a little bit of time wasting. Updated my laptop to Windows 10. That is not my main machine, so I decided to install Windows 10 to have a look at it before deciding whether to upgrade my desktop … Read more

52:5 Thomas Smith McClish

So far, I have concentrated on my paternal line. In the interests of not letting my mother get too jealous, today I am posting about her grandfather. Thomas Smith McClish is the son of Frederick McClish and Annie Smith. He was born in November 1894 and is a twin. He completed the 8th grade and then worked for his father and older brother on their farms. From July 1918 to July 1919, he served in the Army (American Expeditionary Forces) during the latter stages of WW1.

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52:4 John Hunter #2 (1788-1846)

I’ve previously mentioned that the Hunter family has a tradition of being stone masons. John Hunter (1813-1883) was a stone mason/brick mason as was his father and a few of his brothers. However, another interesting tidbit about this family is that there seems to be 3 straight generations of John Hunters who married women named Elizabeth. John Hunter (1813-1883) married Elizabeth Wardell. John Hunter (1788-1846) married Elisabeth Parks. And John Hunter (1760-1839) married Elizabeth Consitt. Today, here is some information on John Hunter #2 (1788-1846). 

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North Yorks countryside photos [link]

A while back I was googling the names of the small villages that my ancestors were from in Yorkshire. Some of these include Hackness, Harwood Dale, Silpho, Langdale End along with a few slightly larger villages such as Thornton (Thornton Dale) and Pickering and Malton and Scarborough. In any case, I happened to find a … Read more