Tidbits of research

The last week or so I have not focused on any one particular area of research. Some scattered things that I have done include:

  • downloaded my grandaunt’s raw dna from ancestry and uploaded it to myheritage
  • started laying out a spreadsheet of dna matches in excel to help me understand some distant connections on my maternal line
  • added 1790 and 1800 census sources to a profile on wikitree; many people believe this profile is the father of my 4xgreat-grandfather. I disagree and am starting to lay out information to argue my position.
  • continued playing with my wordpress theme and attempting to troubleshoot an error I was seeing
  • ordered an inexpensive headset with microphone for zoom meetings; I hope to sign up for a study group or similar where I will need a microphone!
  • actually logged in and made this post!

So, all-in-all, just a few separate little tasks without much focus!

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